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  • [Suggestion] Guild System, Redefined

    The guild system in C9 hasn't received any attention from the developers since it was first added to the game. If you check guild rankings, you'll see that there are too many guilds yet most of them are underpopulated (if not all). It is like players have made rooms just to chat rather than make full use of guild features. Below, I'll list the changes required to improve the current guild system to make it more immersive from my point of view.

    New Guild Structure:

    The guild is composed of a headquarter and chambers (sub guilds). The guild is mainly managed by the guild master but there are also officers and administrators who share some responsibilities of the guild master. Each chamber is managed by one officer and 2 administrators (fixed for each chamber) chosen by the guild master and it has a certain members capacity e.g. 30 per chamber.
    Players should have one unique nickname that can be used in the game just like forum name (it doesn't have to be the same name used on the forum). This feature will help in many ways:

    -It will be easy to recognize a player from his/her alternative characters
    -A player can be called with that name instead of using his/her character(s) name to avoid confusion
    -It will be easy to recognize unwanted players when they use their alternative characters to join the guild

    Guild Hierarchy:

    Guild hierarchy represents guild development. Each set of guild levels expands the guild to a larger one yet partitioned in a way to make a growing guild easier to manage. Guild chambers can also be given a name to differentiate one chamber from another. The chamber name appears next to the guild name. The name can be turned off in Preferences if it bothers some players.

    Guild Development:

    Lvl 1 ~ Lvl 4: 1 chamber +1 Officer + 2 Administrators

    Lvl 5 ~ Lvl 9: 2 chambers + 2 Officers [1 in each chamber]+ 4 Administrators [2 in each chamber]

    Lvl 10 ~ Lvl 14: 3 chambers + 3 Officers [1 in each chamber]+ 6 Administrators [2 in each chamber]

    Lvl 15 ~ Lvl 19: 4 chambers + 4 Officers [1 in each chamber]+8 Administrators [2 in each chamber]

    Lvl 20: 5 chambers + 5 Officers [1 in each chambers]+ 10 Administrators [2 in each chambers]

    Managerial Privileges:

    Guild Master:

    -gains GP x 4 by default
    -recruits members
    -approves join request
    -bans members from chat with no exception
    -can set banning members permission for officers and administrators
    - has the authority to block players from joining/rejoining the guild from guild block list
    -kicks members from the guild (instantly and with no exception of rank)
    -gives permission to officers to kick members after certain number of inactivity days (adjusted manually by the guild master at a fixed rate e.g 5, 10. 20, 30 days)
    -assigns Officers and Administrators to chambers
    -transfer members between chambers

    Guild Officer:

    -gains GP x3 by default
    -recruits members
    -approves join request
    -bans members from chat under his leadership (can't ban officers in other chambers)
    -kicks members according to the inactivity limit set by the guild master

    Guild Administrator:

    -gains GP x2 by default
    -recruit members
    -approves join request

    GP count:
    GP is accumulated according to the number of characters owned by one player in the same guild by the same account. There's no actual need to make a very long list of characters when it can be merged under one in-game name as explained under New Guild Structure.

    Guild Search:

    Self-explanatory but it needs to have more advanced features e.g. filter according to guild level, language, gameplay orientation (PVP/PVE), etc.

    Guild block list:

    The name of this feature is kind of confusing, But what I mean here, is the ability to add a player into the block list so that he is rejected automatically instead of being registered in join request list.

    Guild Buffs Crafting:

    Normally, we can craft guild buffs using the available craft system. But due to some obstacles in crafting higher grade guild buffs, I thought of tweaking it to make it less frustrating than what it is now. There will be additional buff grade which is master. It is more powerful than perfect yet only has one buffing stat, unlike unique which usually has more than one buffing stat. The changes will be as follow:

    -Crafting of perfect, master and unique grade buffs is done through combine system (Nitro Cube)
    -To get perfect grade buff, Combine 4 rare buffs – Success 100%
    -To get master grade buff, combine 1 Perfect buff + 50 of rare crafting material dropped by blue mobs + 1000 Dwaiz's Old Boots – Success rate 100%
    -To craft unique grade buff, Master grade buff + + 200 of rare crafting material dropped by blue mobs + 5000 Dwaiz's Old boots + Guild Buff Recipe at 100% success rate. Also, it should be possible to get the recipes from the cash shop through Fishing, Platinum Chest. etc.

    Guild EXP Buff:

    To encourage more group play in guilds, add EXP bonus as semi-permanent. Each day a player gets 4% when he clears a dungeon with a guildmate. The cap EXP bonus is 120% and the bonus is only active when a player party up with at least one guildmate. Plus, it doesn't decrease as long as the player doesn't leave the guild. Also, the base EXP normally gained when playing solo doesn't drop when playing with a guildmate. This way, a player will think twice before leaving the guild as he will lose all progress he built and the benefit of playing with other guildmates. EXP buff is activated separately for each character in one account.

    Guildless players receive less EXP when partying with other players. Basically, it's the same with the current leveling system. But this is to encourage players to join guilds to contribute in guild development as I've also seen many players without guilds (not sure what's the reason behind that)

    Built-in Guild Event:

    We only use GP to purchase guild buffs and upgrade guild houses. Upon reaching max guild level, stacking GP becomes useless when everything is maxed out. To make use of guild GPs, guilds can summon a tower of 100 floors filled with mobs. In each 10 floor, there's a mini boss and a checkpoint. Progress is saved separately for each guild member but one cannot proceed to higher floors without clearing unfinished ones. It can be done solo or in a party of 4. To make it less boring for high level players, there should be different towers, each with difficulty appropriate to characters' levels. And it's also expandable with future level cap updates.
    Players can only access one tower per summon; so the choice should be done wisely. If you select a tower, the other towers will be locked automatically until the event is over.

    Mobs can drop any items that normally drop in the game. The higher the level of the tower, the better quality you can get from it. Examples of items that can drop from such event are: Perfect Ores, Artifacts used for crafting weapons, GP, rare crafting materials used to craft equipment, mystery chests, weapons rare to perfect, skill books, you name it. But no master equipment drop.
    Tower Boss is found on the last floor which can drop more valuable items and with better quality if you clear higher level towers. This built-in guild event lasts for 2 weeks and the tower can only be summoned once every 30 days so that players don't always rush to join high level guilds just to do this kind of events (although it's more likely to happen).

    Penalty for leaving a guild

    A player who leaves a guild cannot join another guild for 1 or maybe 3 days. This is to prevent players from making irrational behaviors that can lead them to leave or get kicked out from the guild eventually. A player who is kicked out by guild mangers is excluded from this punishment; meaning that he/she can join another guild immediately but not the same last guild he was kicked out from until the grace period is over.

    That's all I could think of at this moment. So, I'd like from others to add more useful points and/or improve the above-mentioned suggestions since I believe that guild system is one of the core features in C9.

    And sorry for the full text topic as I wanted to compile all guild related suggestions in one place.

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    I'll come read it later. You Better change the font to Times New Roman by then; ain't killing my eyes for this.
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      If I may add: The guild master should also have the power to kick any (officers~guests) guild member of ANY rank regardless of inactivity days.

      Taking the present guild system into consideration, there are cases that a commoner~officer suddenly becomes unruly or even a scammer, and guild master CANNOT kick them unless they are inactive for a certain number of days.


      • Seraphiel
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        You've got a point there!

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      There are spies, parasites, trashtalkers in my guild that our GL can't even do anything about due to this 5-day inactivity restriction.

      and there's this Last Login bug that only refreshes AFTER MAINTENANCE. Seriously, PLEASE FIX THIS ALREADY!