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Just another bunch of suggestions that won't be implemented

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  • Just another bunch of suggestions that won't be implemented

    1 - Book refine and craft system

    How would that work?
    Make crafting/creating books that will be fully selectable (i.e. you will be able to craft the book you want/need with RANDOM stars);
    All books up to RARE grade will be fully craftable by this method
    All books from common to rare grade will be refinable
    Once you refine your book, you will obtain an item called "Skill Book Fragment" (bound to account) that will vary depending on the rarity and level of the book you refined;

    Example: For level 50 rare skill books > Item acquired on refining will be:
    "Skill Book Fragment Lv.50 [Rare]"
    For level 57 rare skill books:
    "Skill Book Fragment Lv.57 [Rare]"

    Then after joining 6 pieces of a certain type (Cannot be mixed), you go to an npc and create your desirable book!

    OP's LITTLE SUGGESTION: This system should have a small chance to craft a perfect book!
    PS: Books will be CHARACTER bound (Bound on Pickup), otherwise this system would make things too easy/cheap and non-funny.

    PS #1: Before you come and talk that it's "Too easy for getting books, where's the fun?".. Let me take out for dinner and say that it's NOT.
    • Let's say I farmed GCH for 2 months and I got 23 Rare, 5 P-rare books.
    • Now I will combine those books in order to get level 57 books so I can refine.
    • After that, I got 10 lv57 books, 2 P-rares (none of them for your class) and some magic grade crap.
    • I can craft 1 rare book for my class, and them farm 2 more lv57s for the 2nd one, I can toss the magic grade crap and still try my luck on p-rares.
    EXTRA: It would make Okapian dims from fissure event NOT USELESS AT ALL, even for the high-level people

    2 - PvP Tier Shop system

    This is for the hardcore PvPers (like myself)

    Well, I have been thinking about this for 2 months, so take it easy on trolling!

    The idea is to implement a special Arena Shop that will be divided by those Arena Tiers.

    Each tier will have a different shop containing different items variates according to the PvP Tier the person reaches. Therefore, this will encourage people to join PvP.
    …and honestly farming arena tiers by afking/free-killing will take forever, so IMO if you want to get those ranks faster you'll have to fight your way up in the “legit” way).
    AND BTW honestly, after some time pvping... People will see that pvp is a funny feature of the game... and people will eventually get good (or decent at least) by going there frequently.

    Q: What will contain in those shops and how do we buy them?
    A: In those shops, depending on the person's tier the shop will have rewards that will be getting better and better as soon as you tier improves, and things will be bought with gold honor coins (an accessible amount of those)

    On low tiers:
    • Stam pots/7~30 Day gears/7 Day uniques/15 day book tokens
    • 7 Day custom player resistance accessories (ex: Champion's bracelet)
    • Bang turmoil/Dim fissure tickets
    • Baits and Artisan Crystals
    • Permanent headpieces like "Devil Horns, Angel Wings, Monarch Hairpin, Feline Hats, Fox Heads, Headphone, Devil Horns, Afro Hair, Beret, Mummy Head etc"
    • A custom pet that can only be acquirable through Tier Shop or pet combining.
    • +7~11 Trans. Stones
    • +4~+5 Trans. Enhancer (Armor)
    • +4~5 Trans. Enhancing Crystal
    That will be improved into better rewards like:
    • Exclusive PvP Auspices (for ex: Might of The Dragon/Furious Blood (ON BOTH NORMAL AND TRUE VERSIONS - Again, depending on the Tier).Permanent Gears Parts/Sets(for ex: Treasure/Tamperan Uniform/Oriental/Walachian/Holy Winter Guild/Karas etc)
      • Permanent Shadow Gear Parts/Sets
      • Permanent Paperbox heads
      • Permanent HP Show Set/Parts THAT CANNOT BE TRANSFORMATED INTO STONES OF DESTRUCTION (For ex: a Custom version of Okapian Sun SOULSET with 15% Mag/DefenseDefense on leggings, please)
      • Permanent Player resistance rings/bracelets.
      • Rare skill book token (redeemable for a selectable rare skillbook of your choice, bound to character, again)
      • +11~+13 Trans. Enhance Stones
      • +4~+6 Trans. Enhancer
      • +4~+5 Trans. Enhance Crystal.
    The higher the tier, the better the rewards.

    PS #3: Higher tiers will have access to lower tier shops.

    In addition, people WILL be able to buy those things by going on ranked pvp match; Duel Tokens will be convertible into Golden Honor Coins on Arena Shop (good amount of honor coins per token-ratio).

    3. New decent PvP modes/features

    The new modes I'd like to suggest is
    • "Free-For-All" mode = Like a Deathmatch but everyone in the room is your enemy
    • "Practice" mode = Just like melting gorge, but online. Every single player will have 99999 HP and Infinite mana/skillstones/ammo. Every single hit will inflict "1" dmg, valiance never will be activated there and the "End" key to reset cooldown will work. THERE WILL BE NO WINNER OR LOSER (I.E. each match of this won't count as a lose or as a win or as a draw, but it will give some small amount of AP)
    • "Random PvP Match" feature = just like ranked pvp, a blind pick pvp mode, but w/o the ranked part, the players that join this mode will join the queue, once they are matched, they'll face a complete random enemy (the enemy will be chosen according to player's arena rank, level and latency -if possible-)
    Once they matched, one of them will randomly be chosen to be the "leader", this "leader" will choose the map. Once the map is set, it is time to fight.
    This system will create a default 1vs1 3 round match (with 3 min duration per round), the only thing the "leader" will choose is the map.
    PS #4: This mode will also feature a "Random Map" option for the leader.
    • "Ban person from room" = A lot people are tired from keep on kicking the same person from the room over and over again because they keep joining after the kick, so this option won't let that happen. If you feel the need to unban the person, just create another room.
    • "Invite person to room" = A feature that would make possible to send a pvp invitation for the person, once it's accepted the person will automatically jump to your room.
    • "Observe ranked pvp matches" = At ranked pvp, there will be an option to make your ranked match be observable or not. Observers will not be able to send any messages when watching the match.
    On Ranked PvP tab there will be a button labeled "Match list", where will be shown all observable matches indicated by a number and the map of the game
    Example: After I pressed "Match List" button, a list will pop up on HUD, which would look like something like this (or at least assembling this model):

    Match List | Map
    Ranked Match no.2 | Vimpeli
    Ranked Match no.16 | Waterford

    4. Permanent Daily Quest Renewal

    Revamp the recent-added permanent PvP quest.

    Suggestion: Change the rewards on the box for
    • 1m-10m worth antiques
    • A random amount of (from 1 to 1000) traces of nightmare
    • A random amount (from 1 to 200)of primers/magic seals/chaos stones
    • Cosmo Stones
    • Baits (manual and/or automatic - random amount)
    • Artisan Crystals (vacant or not)
    • Fishing Rod Coins (random amount)
    • Elemental Stones (from III to X)
    • Sarad/Rentus craft items (Curios/Relics/Artifacts)
    • Weapon Ores (from lv51 to lv63 - Rares or perfects)
    • A random amount of Raw Serpentines/Spinels/Rhodonites (from 20 to 100)
    • Rare/P-rare/Unique Guild Buffs/Recipes/Materials for Buffs

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    perhaps a bit too good rewards proposed for #4, but otherwise nice suggestions


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      Hello ItsTiz; Thanks for your efforts,

      Suggestion #1: Disapprove
      Suggestion #2: Disapprove
      Suggestion#3: Approve multiplayer training arena & All-Vs-All deathmatch / Disapprove PS#4 & the rest of Suggestion #3
      Suggestion#4: Disapprove

      I'm willing to go into more detail as to why Suggestions #1 #2 #4 are extremely crude and shortsighted should you be interested in having a debate.
      Youtube Channel: C9 Rehaz

      “He was king, if he didn’t have enemies he wasn’t doing it right.” ― S.E. Zbasnik

      King Rehaz