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  • [Suggestion] Warden Rework

    Recently, I started re-playing Warden which for some find it one of the best PVE classes in C9 (except for water based dungeons), yet below average from PVP aspect. I thought of few suggestions to rework this class to make her much effective in PVP and also have more play style versitality even though I lean more toward PVE aspect of this game. So, contructive feedback from PRO PVP players is encouraged.

    I followed the topic which was started by Kesha in this link, and also found a gameplay video from a different game which somehow inspired me to think of proposing ideas to rework Warden.

    From my own view, Warden lacks some ways to counter attack and approach some classes due to being somehow fragile, provided that Magic Barrier is broken or not under effect. Warden may also not benefit that much from using melee skills like normal attacks because they inflict very weak physical damage. Below are some changes that I found them needed to be made.

    New Skills:

    Cylius Stance:

    This stance allows Warden to change from her default stance to a ranged/melee stance. Her weapons will be in holster mode but her hands both become imbued with icy magical damage. Added effects also include: increase Casting Speed up to 50%, attack range 10% and accuracy 5%; all at max skill level.

    Glacial Rapier & Ice Shard (Blade & Dagger):

    Using Left Mouse Button (LMB) during Cylius Stance allows her to attack with Glacial Rapier that's its range is affected by the level of Cylius Stance. As for the Right Mouse Button (RMB), she can attack foes from afar using Ice Shards. Ice Shard can also be used airborne, and it can be charged to form a large, sharp mass of ice.

    Heartfreezer & Antarctic Knee Kick:

    Heartfreezer is similar to Slayer's Heartbreaker but the dash is shorter just to allow her to chain it with Viper Knee Kick which also needs to have a magical damage. The name of Viper Knee Kick can be changed to Antarctic Knee Kick. Maybe slight modification on the animation of the skill is required. The damage from it cannot be ignored for I feel it needs to be changed to have magical attribute with a chance to freeze the opponent.


    This skill is an extension for Ominous Fog to allow warden a chance to get away from where she is temporarily hiding. The animation is similar to Thunder Wind (Nightstalker Leap animation). This skill can be chained with Frost Bomb, Horizon Jack, Divine Assault and Ice Shard.

    Leviathan Fangs:

    I guess you are familiar with Warrior's Seismic Bash. This skill is similar to it but with ice effect and also has a finisher blow by summoning ice serpent from the ground causing havoc in the surrounding. With action modifying skill book, the damage effect becomes wider.

    Ice Wyvern/ Hydra:

    This is actually a summon which replaces skulljape. It might start as a skulljape like creature and then evolve into a different flying creature that has better survivability and mobility. The pet can attack using closed and ranged attacks. It normally comes with Ice Armor that increases its defensive and offensive skills starting at level 10. So, it doesn't need to be an extension but rather part of its developmental skill.

    Skill changes/addition:

    Antarctic Knee Kick:

    See the note under Heartfreezer & Antarctic Knee Kick

    Mirrage Barrier:

    This skill is good against attacks that deal single damage but its effect gets nullified fast when it receives damage from multi-attack ranged and damage over time (DOT) skills like some of those from ranged classes. So, instead of wasting all Mirrage Barriers, Warden can deflect some of those attacks and cancel out damage over time in exchange for one Mirrage Barrier at a time. Initial activation of this skill has a pushing effect similar to Ice Witch Cylius push effect from P-rare sarad skill book.

    Horizon Jack & Fear Throw:

    I believe their magical attributes should be changed from Earth to Water, and also get freezing chance effect.

    Ice Wall:

    We know that some skills can actually pierce through it despite being the wall intact. This skill needs to be fixed. Destroying Ice Wall causes additional damage as a form of explosion within its range.

    Frozen Flasher:

    I thought of remaking this skill, maybe with action modifying skill book. It will be call if we can instantly freeze/contain an enemy inside a mass of ice. And then remotely explode it to cause additional damage to the frozen mob as well as those close to it. Something similar to final animation of Diamond Dust from FFX, Shiva special move. The video below should give a clearer picture of what I'm trying to explain.

    Frost Step:

    Movement speed is reduced once you activate this skill, making you more vulnerable of being attacked. That speed debuff should removed from skill. Also, the skill leaves traces when Witch Step is used.

    [UFS] Ice Dragon:

    One of the useless and stationary Ultimate Fury Skill. Very easy to avoid by both mobs and intruders. This skill need to be revamped to be more like a mobile creature that can be controlled. Warden has to mount it and order the dragon to fly and breath ice in a wider range. In fact, the problem of ultimate fury skill is not only with warden. There are many classes that have the same problem in which their Ultimate Fury Skill damage goes to waste as enemies move away from the range of this skill.

    I believe there's still a room to make more suggestions for this class, but those are the ideas that I came up with so far.

    Game Guide

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    Suggestions suggestion suggestions and which of them had achieved in the past at game , like 10000/1 ? i know only one battle maiden nerf and others ?


    • Seraphiel
      Seraphiel commented
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      It doesn't mean we don't have to look for more improvement even though the chance for it to happen is close to 0%. We, C9 actionists, need to give feedback for things that we consider them an issue nevertheless. And I know very well that my and other players suggestions are not guaranteed to be implemented, maybe not in the slightest. That's all what we can do. If players are not satisfied for the current state of C9, I'm sure that there are many good games out there, and I said that before

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    adding new skills is really tricky for a games as it is not programmed in the later clients. But revamping the current skills can be done with ease. All webzen needs to do is make changes to damage ratios/cooldown/animations/casting speed/etc. Just by tinkering with those attributes of the warden you can make her much better without even adding any new abilities or revamping any old ones. I like the ideas of adding additional abilities on skills as it was done when they introduced the cyclus aoe debuff and armored skulljape.


    • Seraphiel
      Seraphiel commented
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      I'm not sure if you have gone through Warrior rework update. Webzen added few skills there, even if they look recycled from other classes. I don't think it's impossible to change some of the current skills even to a greater extent. Webzen is just too lazy to work on sophisticated changes such as the ones I mentioned on this topic.

    • Kesha
      Kesha commented
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      I like your reworks Seraphiel, but as Tampon said i think they should revamp current skills and change only few of them like in my thread, it would be same Buff as Warrior by then, because to be honest i love current Warden's skill set