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Tips For New Players

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  • Tips For New Players

    Some Tips To New players who are just starting out:

    1. Set a Budget for yourself and buy your self a cheap gear. 10-15m at most is enough. You dont need the gear to be beautiful. its enough just to activate soul set effect.

    2. Buy a prelude soul set which cost depending on market value. *correction* (now its in 50-60m )
    Note: you cannot use soul set without gear so do take note
    NOTE: DONT G-Soul the Soul Set So you can resell the soul set and change to a better one. When you G-Soul a Soul set it becomes character bound and its not worth to waste a G-soul unbinder on a prelude so do take note.

    3. Try To level as fast as you can until you go sarad. Sarad is where the money is. As much as possible use an extreme training potion or training if you dont have gold.

    4. Focus on your character goal don't waste your money on unnecessary stuff that are miscellaneous. Its much better if your character is sufficient to farm yourself than asking to party with other players.

    5. When your lvl 35. Use OBH SET up until u reach lvl 54.You dont need to buy a Lunard Set. Trust me you dont need to waste your gold on other items till you reach 54. Same goes for weapons. A +9 rare lvl 35 weapon with air element equipped to your weapon is enough to get you up to lvl 51. then change to lvl 51 rare weapon and try to overup it. Then change to perfect weapon lvl 60 when you reach that level. You Dont Need to buy a Mashian perfect weapon.. Thats essentially useless since ordinary rare lvl 57 sarad weapon is stronger than mashian perfect.

    6. You dont need to waste your money on auspice unless your planning to go BBC, PoE straight. Just a simple cheap auspice like Dark santa will do the job.

    7. Be careful when trading with other people. Sometimes people will lowball you for stuff. Remember always check out trading office before dealing.

    8. Keep all Vacant artisan crystal or artisan crystal when you got from beads. Don't waste them on mats. Its much better if you use them on combining books later in the game.

    9. Dungeons are not about "RUSH TO KILL TACTIC" some dungeons have boss battles which are pain in the ass.... the best way though is to study the area and use it to your advantage.... remember you are thinking and they are not so utilize what job you chose and attack them at full advantage.

    10. Run Hidden Dungeon and Hoard maps when you're on gold buff because its x2 gold. Better if you have pet that will loot gold for you. (Pets are pricy so don't buy them unless you have budget).

    11. Constantly check Trading Office - sometimes really expensive things are being sold there for small money ( can later resell or use for urself)

    12. When a Dimensional fissure appears in your dungeon (Luckily they start to appear only in Henko Crater). Do call your guildmates or friends to help you out to cook out it's shield.

    13. Sell unwanted items on trading office to earn gold for yourself. you will need those gold to buy equips for yourself and other items.

    14. When you realize you start begging everyday for boost or items, you probably not enjoying the game. Find your own way like everyone else or just stop playing for your own good, dont stress yourself.

    15. Find a guild that speak your mother tongue and can be of help everytime

    16. Do find parties, ask for one but don't demand. Parties are a great way to help level-up. It also increase your personal experience gain. If you can manage playing with intrusion, its much better because not only it reduces your stamina consumption, it also increases your experience at the end of the dungeon.

    17 Be careful on players on who to trust. You Yourself and I is the only person you should trust. NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE !!!.

    18. Always Have fun when playing c9.
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    Nicely done. Can you please add 2 points? 1. Find a guild that speak your mother tongue and can be of help everytime 2. Constantly check Trading Office - sometimes really expensive things are being sold there for small money ( can later resell or use for urself)


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        What do you mean with points 2 and 3?

        What is a prelude set good for? I'm already level 65 and never got 1 b4.

        And what do you mean by money is in sarad? What exactly is there that Raebin dungeons dont have?

        Also I got a level 65 weapon +10, as a ranger would it be better to buy magic primers all I can to get highest + I can? Or just keep +10 and farm gold. Because I'm broke since I bought 3-4 x 127 magic primers....all fail to +11 of course and lock again..


        • Kailar
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          I suggest you spare all those money (that use to buy Magic primer) to buy Transcendent Enchance stone (+12 around 80-90m in Sea, +13 around 250m). And at this point, the cost for these stones always same or lower than the price for the normal enhancement by the Devine Enhance Stone or Sacred Enhance stone with Magic Primer. At higher cost, you get 100% chance to get what you want. It's better than a cheaper cost and still there are risk of failure.

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        The last thing a new player should worry about is soul set, and it is a waste of money to buy prelude...also 54 hell set is way overpriced and is not worth the time or effort...bu some cheap 57 rare Sarad gear, you'll be fine, some of these points are ok but others are laughable I'm sorry...sounds like you're talking to a cash shop new player


        • Tsuchiryu
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          54 Hell set is only really good for Warden. Mirage Barrier lasting for 2 extra hits thanks to the Sophie Chandrine set is quite welcome. Besides that, though, I agree 54 Hell set generally isn't worth the investment. After the 35 Hell set, I'd go for 60 Perfect set (at least for parts other than chestpiece and head at first, since these parts are the most expensive).

          Also, Prelude/Eye of the Storm are just... bad soul sets. Prelude has no Show Enemy HP effect to make it a good long-term investment and, while Eye of the Storm does have the effect, it's just way too overpriced for the less it offers in other stats. Better stick with soul sets from events, as they are the most cost-efficient options. Or get such soul sets cheap via trade, that may work too.

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        1.I don't know anybody who is both able to afford prelude souls AND doesn't have gold for extreme training.
        2. Dim shield doesn't get harder the more you try, it stays the same.
        3. Party play doesn't increase your experience, quite the opposite.
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