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  • Need guidance as a new player

    I am new to the game and i would like to know if there are any guides for newbies. And yes i have already checked out the guide on the C9 website. I am talking about things like what to do with the materials collected and how to use them efficiently. what thing to buy and what steps to avoid. I am currently have lvl 30 gunslinger.

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    heres summary...

    at lvl 35 get a HELL SET., u can use it till lv60 then change into perfect lv60 set..

    weapons lvl are lv27 , lv35, lv43, lv47, lv51, lv57, lv60, lv63, lv65.

    if u always use rare, theres no need to change weapon evrey level like above,.
    u can use a combination of low lvl weapon and a current lvl weapon. [like gunslinger he have 2 weapons..
    if ur lv35 then u can have a weapon combination of lv27 and lv35, and on lv43 u can change the lv27. like that., [ as long as it is rare, then buy the cheapest 1.[if ucant find then use it till u find another. if u want to conserve money effectively][but if u are rich, then dont bother, just buy anything]

    for weapon:
    weaknes of enemy [lv51 = AIR, lv57 = Water, Lv63 = earth

    so remember to save up element stones, keep only the [VI] stones
    if u have lower than that then u can use it.

    use element stones if u are at lv51[AIR] or 57[WATER], or u can only use AIR its gunslinger main element and its effective on survival.

    this is only optional do what u want.
    dont always make your weapon +9 cuz it will only cost you great money., on lv51 weapon+ enhancing price is high, and so is the fail rate.,


    keep map fragments - u can get them on beads, and chest found on dungeons.
    of course the drop rates are higher on higher continents.
    2 type of map fragment
    hoard maps gives you good gold and items that can become mats when you dismantle it on blacksmith [TIP: go here if u have a Weekly Gold Bonus +50% or up]
    the other map fragment gives also good gold, some mats [gold chunk,silver chunk,diamond,and roots][depend on lvl of map]also gives hell tickets. and also a chance to earn a good spellstone.
    [the most expensive is the [rusted nail] a +2% attack on weapon can be sold at 30m+[depend on server]]

    selling to trading office
    u can sell hell pieces
    rare items

    and all other items u must sell to np to gain gold, or if u have pet u can make it their pet food.

    on 3rd continent[runnerville] and up
    u can find now quartz that u can exchange to a adventure agent [x30 quartz = 1 mystery box] there u have a chance to have a unique weapon, that u can sell for whole lot gold. [ but the chances are low so others sell them to characters at minimun 1million gold / 100pcs quartz.

    participate on events,
    go survival ,
    make your character strong first before making another one,
    and others more that u will learn as you go,


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      thank you for this great beginners guide but there are some points i would like u clarify for me.
      • the elements u mentioned. Should i use those or their counters?
      • i don't really get what u said about enhancing weapons
      one other thing is that i got a chest piece (screenshot attached) using the sinister nethershard should i use it or keep it and also could u advise me what i can do with all my inventory items i have no idea. And ik im kind of a noob thats y i need help . thanks


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        U should use the elements he did mention and u can enhance rare weapons up to +9 without locking destroying or downgrading ur weapon ( perfect +11 and unique +13? tho they can lock after +9) the higher u upgrade ur weapon the more expensive it gets for each try so u shouldnt always make them +9 for ur first char atleast to save some money.

        The part u did get for the shards is the hell set u should get the whole set cause u can wear it till lvl 60.

        Keep the vitality crystals and so on till u have enough money cause the stats u get from them are perma.

        The D,C and B materials u can either keep or npc them they are rather cheap and u can get alot with artisan crystals same goes elemental powder its rather useless and just takes space.

        Keep the enhance stones, armor enhancer and pure crystals they are for upgrading weapons armor and accessories ( u can combine lower ones to higher ones)


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          sell all armor ores[at NPC] that u have normal,magic,rare..., because armors are the most easiest to find..
          sell all normal accesorry ores, keep rare ones, when u have 3+ pcs u can sell it at auction,
          sell all normal weapon ores, keep rare ones, u can use it to craft weapons with a higher lvl than ur weapon ore. [ ex. weapon ore[rare] lv35 can be used to craft lv43 rare weapon.]
          whats your artisan? then throw away other letter C,D mats and only keep the mats for your artisan.
          btw. master items only have a slim chance to craft, so u will not craft master grade, only perfect cuz it will damage ur gold. .
          this is the grade - [crude[D],inferior[C],common[B],Superior[A]]
          metalworker - metal scrap - it crafts almost all weapons, fighter armors, fighter remodelling armors, and all accessories [except belts] - this is perfect to master grade.
          [best way to make money but so expensive to lvlup..]

          tailoring - crude leather, cloth patch - it crafts all armors and remodeling armors[except fighter] , and belts and all head GEAR that can be crafted. - perfect to master also.
          [good way to make money but so expensive to lvlup..]

          woodworking- wood log, wood plank -crafts bows,shields,musket , and also their remodeling part. - perfect to master- also crafts most furniture in guild.
          [not so good as the above but also expensive to lvlup.]

          this next are the most cheapest to lvl and you can also make good money to them..

          alchemist - stimulan herb, recovery herb - crafts recovery pots and buffs pots., can also use transmute, that can change items to other items can also craft items that needed to craft armors,weapon.
          alchemist can change any mats to higher lvl mats, letter [C] to [B] like that
          also a FIRE[V] stone to other elements[V]

          cook - can also craft other kinds of buff pots [invincibility, fury recovery, and others] can also craft items that needed to craft armors,weapon.

          sell your artisan crystals by sets[1k pcs] at SEA server u can sell it at 4m+
          dont sell Vacant artisan crystal and use it to craft Artisan crystal so that ur artisan's lvl will rise and u can sell the artisan crystals.,
          another tip
          on crafting artisan crystals, use the mats that you dont need[instead of throwing them..

          the lvl35 hell set use them and make it a set, u can use that till u turn 60. so that u dont need to get armors..