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how to level a little faster

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  • how to level a little faster

    Hi All I back after 4 Years Pause and I see that many player level now really fast I need advice how can I or should I do to level faster Im now at 22 lvl Viking. Ppl tell whats about do daily quest for 600xp Potions but when I try do Daily Quest I must make some work like arena and I can't do this at this low lvl or Cube combination i don't know what i can easy combine. I need a little help from better players.

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    At the moment do your epic quests also spam nightmare dungeons while golden age buff is active, all the info about golden age ----->

    Later you can use another ways like 600% potion from survival ~ daily quest or getting exp book by sending your 4 pets in training cave.
    Also there is C9 discord server you can ask us there, Feel free to join us in C9 discord server for community chat between EU, US, SEA also GM and all VL there --->
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