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Very old player returning.

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  • Veromov
    started a topic Very old player returning.

    Very old player returning.

    Hi all,
    I'm an old player and I'm looking to play again c9. I had an archer then switched to reaperess, but I quited the week when Gun Slinger was introduced.
    What do you guys recomand to play, today? I want to focus on pve. I had a lot of fun with reaperess should I continue?
    How good is GS and the new class valkyrie on pve/pvp?
    What is the best class for pve?
    Link for discord plz.

  • [VL]Eagle1One
    no reaperess need much work to be good in pve.
    The best pve class can be GS, BD, Viking, Valk, or any old op class with items and full prare books like illu ~ ele etc.

    Also feel free to join us in C9 discord server for community chat between EU, US, SEA also GM and all VL there --->
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