I am a valkyrie and concerned about the third boss air target not hitting on boss and sometimes anti gravity dont do damage and gravity i have a good internet i always aim mid but still the same it only do damage if it explodes or sometimes if it only hits a specific part (unlike bd or other classes they can fast clear if they have damage cause all the skills hit the third boss just note i have a +16 legendary weap p rare books but +15 bd can still finish fast than me im not complaining about the damage nerf on valk im just concerened about the skills no hitting the boss its useless on 3rd boss). What i mean is the anti gravity DOT it doesnt really hit and air target is useless on third boss especially the mickey mouse summon it keeps firing but not hitting i notice this on my valk class i dont know on other range class also please take time on checking this bug .

thats all i hope you take time on reading this and taking a look on every range character skill on that 3rd boss

Eclipse guild

i love playing c9 that is why im a concerned player