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    Hey all,

    I'm thinking of returning to c9 for a bit after spending a few years trying out other action mmorpgs. I last played shortly after erta was released and I'm hoping for a short summary of the major changes since then.

    I mostly played gunslinger and battle maiden up to c5, but I've also spent a fair bit of time on almost every class and variant that was available at that time.

    Loved the PvP even though i got destroyed most of the time, but I'm guessing the PvP population has declined even more. I hated the grind in PvE especially after the Rahkdan's Revenge update which made it impossible for me to solo master dungeons. Is the PvE still as painful as it once was?

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    The most significant changes are:
    Pet System
    Palladium System
    Valor Point System and Ranking
    Character Reworks (GS, Witchblades, Mystics)
    Raebin Skill books
    New Extreme mode
    Shadow World
    and some more

    Also C9 have official Discord where u can contact VL's and GM to get all informations about new things in C9.

    Rakhdan (EU)



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      Seems like my mains got reworked. Thanks for the update!