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Gunslinger Skill Build REWORKED EDITION

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  • Gunslinger Skill Build REWORKED EDITION

    Since the new Gunslinger has been reworked, There have been a lot of changes and this class have been boosted greatly.

    Referring to this link

    Since this class have been reworked, Some of the Skill books used have been greatly enhanced and its possible to finish Survival VIA solo using said books.

    These are the Skills that have been changed and Added in the Gunslinger roster.


    Skip to 1:00

    This Skill is one of the most overpowered skill and is crucial with a devastating damage.

    Skill Book Changes

    Rising Circle

    Skip to 0:25

    Added Damage Skill from 8 attack to 17 attacks

    Glacial Shot
    This is A MUST SKILL BOOK needed and has been changed

    Skip to 0:05

    BUSTER Shot
    This is A MUST SKILL BOOK needed

    Skip to 0:35

    Air Stinger
    This is A MUST SKILL BOOK needed and its the reason why Gunslingers are considered overpowered because it stacks damage.

    Skip to 0:27


    Action Skills

    Command Skills

    Passive Skills

    Listed Crucial Skill Books

    Do note that Some Books are listed are Optional books if You do plan to finish soloing survival r20 with ordinary equipment as shown in the video.

    Reference Video

    Good Luck
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    Good job
    On my GS I prefer to max out Air Stringers, both for pvp and pve due to link with Glacial\ Buster Shot and Deep Sniper. I think Glacial Shot with Air Stringer combined have the highest DPS in whole game. For Air Stringers and Glocial Shot both p-rare books, both skills max out, with char lv75 you get 10 air stringers x 4 glacial shots x 980% + 4 glacial shots x 320% + 4x Snowstorm effects. DMG and DPS are massive.

    Rakhdan (EU)



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      [VL]Eagle1One Server: EU

      Youtube Channel:


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        crucial hmm i live without limited shot somehow and dont need that.
        There's some things you just can't change...


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          Originally posted by 2M5M6 View Post
          crucial hmm i live without limited shot somehow and dont need that.
          Its a Good skill w/ 1 hit kill potential if You have strong weapon. Up to you if you dont want to put since many find it good usage in PVE and PVP


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            The limited shot book is not cruicial if you have at least 15k attack, you won't notice the difference. The suggested skills leveling is for mixed pve/pvp style, for pure pve it is different. The books setup could be modified as well, especially if you have money to buy the book slot extensions, your strategy will change.
            Piercing shotgun can be maxed for pve, while mental break shot and shotgun are useless even with books, because open cover fire literally replaces almost all other skills, especially if you have no books.