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    Well wanted to express myself and share my opinion about this game so here is a pretty long post about it.

    Played this game for a pretty long time and decided to put my personal opinion/suggestion on some things that would make this game alot more better for current players and may even reivnite the players who already quited the game so here i shell put my opinion on some stuff that could be pretty usefull, and my personal experience with items with difficutly with anything related, even if some will disagree with this i dont mind im just trying to let others have a full picture, maybe some GM/VLT will read and in possibility take to action.

    Player base:

    -Why do people leave?
    Well i had alot good friends that i have met here, some of them even in real life thanks to this game, and reasons why they were leaving is mostley lack of intresnt in this game, or rage quiting. Some of examples: (spent over 1b gold on trying to enhace a weapon to +14 -lost intrest, trying to find some items that are not that rare for over a couple of months even with gold ready couldnt do it - lost intrest, skilled pvp player didnt have money to pay couple of hundreds of milions to buy player resist, comboing others for few mintues and looses from opponent in 2-3 skills - rage quited, did all pve challanges waited couple of months for something new to come out some other challange - lost intrest). These are only some of the reasons. The loss of high level skilled players is growing more each day.
    -Why do people stay?
    Its an intresting game with alot of challanges that requires alot of team work and forcing people to work together
    wich makes the game community stronger. The way its developed the way that things function in this game and so on.


    As we all know the amount of players from the new rabein sets has decreased dramatically, basicly the stats as violence, player resist and other gave rich players way more advantage even making alot more skilled players then them lose cause of stats that are very hard to get, ofc a players who possess those items have worked or payed very well for them but the money that they payed are not for some but for most of players impossible to get. For pvp players since they spend most of the day in the arena they dont really spend much time in pve so there is kinda no way they can earn some money except when tournaments are held (which are rare) or some event (which final reward is 1% to get a skilled book that are not even used in pvp) in this case they dont have a way to earn money to get those OP items, which is basicly forcing them to quit pvp and turn to pve or quit the game.

    Possible solution:
    -decrease the % of stats as player resist, violence and similar
    -add a reward for each 1 arena point or 1000 arena points or any ammount earned, such as gold or some coins that can be exchanged for some items. (there is this option but the rewards are various potions and chunks not usefull to anyone). So basicly giving a choice to curently pvp lovers to remain in pvp and retrive back the pvp lovers who quited cause of lack of money and people in Ranked, DM and so.


    As we all know and noticed alot of classes in past period of time have been nerfed or buffed in order to create a balance but generaly made a bigger unbalance in pve and pvp. Me personaly i dont have that big of a knowledge for each class skills but we can all notice that towns are full of Guardians, Gunslingers, Elementalists and Illusionists which make 90% of pve players, and the arenas are full of Rangers, Mystics, Guardians and Gunslingers, tho for classes such as Warrior, Slayer, Shadow, Bladedancer, Berserker are kinda extinct.

    Guide such as wiki:

    We have all seen that jap server has a wikic9, that contains almost all information about the game, about diffrent types of dungeons such as extreme and other hell difficutly with more infromation what dungeon contains what can be droppable, how such of these items can be used for diffrent types of things and i suppose one of the most important is the amount of stars for each class, we were searching that wiki and noticed that the class star system is not the same as ours especialy after this Aug 05 2014 update when it was written that some of classes would gain a higher grade of stars and some lower, information like that would be really usefull.


    This was on thing that has always interested me, i dont think this is easy or even a part of the game design, but why doesnt the story line have any sound for people/bosses/creatures speaking, people nowadays are too lazy to read (talking from personal experience) and always skipped the all introduction of the story, i think that one thing as adding sounds/audio to the small videos will make players even more interested about this game and the story line, i doubt that 10% of players know the story and what does C9 stand for what is the role of this game and what is that we are fighting for. It would be pretty cool to hear what nefer says to his slaves making the image alot more colorful.


    Im wondering why wasnt there any good events from the last polar event, events that players can earn items not gold but items (some account bound some tradable) all past events such as Valentine, Easter were based on 99% stuff to get chunks, artisans and gear parts 7 days or remodells that really dont need to make them selves better, and for stuff that were chance based like Valentine Accessories, Auspice Bless of Badcath, asupice Jack the Cruel as far as i know no one in EU got them. So all items that were dropped were for some time not usefull for any advantage in game. And for the best 2-3 events all were based on Cash Shop stuff such as dailard+stuff, VIP etc. I understand that webzen has to make money to be able to hold on to this game but thats just forcing the not so rich guys out of the game, who can make a profit by other ways such as keeping players who can pay stuff with wcoins and possibly bring new players who are ready to pay for the game.

    Possible solution:
    -Add an event with more items/stuff usefull to players, doesnt have to be masters cause even masters can make a big unbalance in ingame gold economy.

    Support from GM:

    Guess we all asked for this and GM support ingame and forum is kinda needed not for all time just enough to resond sometimes, so players dont feel ignored.

    Possible solution:
    -Come in game every 3-4th day for couple of mintues to see how stuff is going to see how players are doing, test them selves some bugs that alot of players have been complaining about.
    -More activity on forum with players posts, not every single but on some important ingame based stuff that cannot be resolved by ticket, cause probably more players with exact same problem will come and see the problem and resolve, making the ticket system alot less full.


    From my personal experience there is too much stuff luck based and too little stuff hard work based, such as enhacing a items, getting books, getting certain items from dungeons, crafting chance, getting hell parts from bardiel etc.

    Possible solution:
    -For item: for example some way to obtain the +12 stone enhancer for weapon or any other + enhancer, by doing some particular quests/dungeons/getting some items/coins, reducing the lock chance. (Personaly spent around 300m trying to get +13 on a unique
    till this day everytime failed)
    -For books: The good thing is the combine but with it, the prices of artisan crystals have been raised 5 times more, so getting materials for potions and other craft stuff has been tripled. Probably increase the chance of obtaining Vacant Artisans form beads or something similar.
    -For items from dungeons: Increase the spawn rate of blue mob but decrease the chance of rare material droping or, decrease a little bit the spawn rate but increase the chance of blue mob dropping the rare material. Or make some legends to obtain or some stuff to do in order to increase the spawn rate of blue mob or similar
    -For crafting chance: for example crafting guild buffs, let each buff take loads more materials but the chance of craft be 30-40% instead of little materials but 3-4% chance.
    -For hell parts at bardiel: We all experienced getting all 30 sealed books from bardiel but taking few weeks or months in order to complet the set, possibly making a NPC exchange for example 5 random chests in order to get 1 chest specific class or putting hell parts account bound, but keeping sealed books character bound.
    These are just some examples of how that can be resolved and make the players belive they have a chance and not only pure luck.


    Economy inside the game was pretty much balanced before the outcome of tower, after the tower came armor ore 57, accessorie ore 57 and weapon ore 57 became so easy to possess making tower a hugde advantage in getting items that were generaly before required to craft, and those items that are required to craft are all farmed from sarad dungeons. So basicly it made sarad pointless to farm even when getting items that are rare such as these ore's it made them worthless, so players from 57-62lvl dont have any way to make gold cause. What they get are almost worth the same price as selling them to the NPC. From that prices of other items vary from 100k-200k up to 2m, or the oppsoite from 5-6m down to 200k-300k. Great examples are the Sarad War Relic/Curio/Artifact which are very rare to drop and considered valuable are down to prices that are not even worth selling. Rare items that drop from dungeons have dropped from example: Golden Sand of Kodes from 400-500k up to 30k-40k. The general gold is obtained only from stuff sold to the NPC, doing quests and droppable from dungeons and we all know how much gold we can get from selling stuff to the NPC. But the general gold that disappears from game for example crafting items, repairing items, trading office fee and so on, especially when people started to make master tries costing around 300k-500k for each try in crafting. Therefor the gold used that disappears is much greater then the gold that can be obtained, making the economy of the game unbalanced more and more. Especialy with the event jump 50, the first 3 continents became totaly useless, what is making less and less players in those 3 continents, and it is rejecting new players, stopping to play cause the difficulty of the dungeon is increased and forcing people to find members which at the moment are very few.

    Possible solution:
    -Decrease the cost of crafting, increase the gold drop rate from dungeons.
    -Add additional daily quests for gold.
    -Balance the chance drop of items in tower, make aditional quests subjects to accomplish or change droppable items


    Since the difficulty of dungeons has been increased its good to force more and more team work and creating a party is a awsome idea to make a better community but if there are alot of players which in this case is not especially for the first 3 continents. The diffrence in damage, difficulty, items from Sarad to Raebin is too much, that is one of the main causes why players in my opinion left, they have been working for months to obtain good gear masters/uniques/hell sets, and now they basicly became useless
    they spent a fortune on them and when new continent came out they just didnt want to do it again, spend another couple of months doing the exact same thing but in diffrent dungeons. There is no satisfaction in that, and adition to that, the only challange is to obtain the items which are not even all listed, stuff are missing such as accessories. Some of the players have been stuck to lvl 65 for over 9 months and the only challange was to get jin set and pass r20. And when raebin came out they saw, there is no new challange and got bored.

    Possible solution:
    -Decrease the difficulty of dungeons, same as decrease the dmg/resist of new items.
    -Decrease the difficulty of survival 64-67
    -Decrease the % of XP for quest, add the Normal quests

    These are one of the main things in my opinion what would make the game better, i might be wrong in some stuff, maybe i didnt thought enough about the consequences afterwards so dont judge on some detail, look at this as general. Took few hours to come up with this cause i really love this game and i only try to do what i can to make it better.


    God help us.

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    (Y) would upvote ur comment if i could ^^, agree with almost all u posted here


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      I totally agree with you, expecially what you think about Economy, PVP and Dungeons titles. Seriously, i used to buy and sell stuff to make some money. But with every update, Webzen made it imossible. Because you never know what is going to be integrated in game. For ex. i bought 7 Might of Dragons when it first came out to sell it later, they brought Jack the Cruel, and then Bless of Badhbh Cath auspice. Other than that, in which univers does 54 level amor set costs more than 60 level armor set?

      So i leaned on farming, chasing events to make some money. What happened? All craft materials are useless except new Raebin ones. And you know what? I can't solo master or expert dungeons on Raebin. Because it's too damn hard. I'm not even talking about events... So that's why, instead of making new items, i just login and do some pvp matches and log out. I used to play 4 hours a day, now i play 15 minutes per day.


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        actually it's pretty good what u said injac

        and i might have something to say as well
        1. Since alot of people left the game because of the enhances ... i suggest to remove the enhances lock .. instead of primers it's better to sell special enhancers that won't break the item like Sacred Enhancers ... but locking enhances is just WRONG AS F**K ... it's my first time to play a game that locks enhances
        2. Books Combining System : actually that system would be great if u actually get a guaranteed chance of having a book u can use or even for u class
        Possible Solution : make the player choose a the class that he wants the book for ... and then u come up with something like 5~7 tries chance until it's guaranteed to get a book for the class that u wanted ..... or maybe he get the book before that if he is lucky
        3. as far as it goes for using artisan crystals for combining books ... that idea SUCKS WORSE ... players are unable to level up their crafting artisan and it's harder to make guild buffs and stuff like that
        Possible Solution : the book crafting item that is needed to make the craft ... must be something that players can farm ... for an example : Dried Blood that drops from elite mobs
        4. fixing bugs : and that is the worst thing about that game ... bugs take years before someone think about fixing it but on the other hand if it happened and there is a bug that benefits the players somehow it only take like 1 hour to be fixed (GG WEBZEN) .. so i think u like people suffering in this game or what ? ... and if someone happen to say it's the developers fault and not the GM's i would say ... I DON"T CARE WHO'S FAULT IS IT .... the player's voice must be heard to make a better community in this game and make all people have fun here .. and i think it's the whole point actually

        it's really a good idea injac to create a topic like that ... but too bad i have the feeling it won't do any good and no one would listen .. like it happened countless times before


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          Agree with all u said mate , tho i stopped play this game the way i did , now playing 1 or 2 hours a week or even less and i can say the reason made me dramatically quit the game was something from up there ... so yea GL with this post and may Akene's Bless be with u xD
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            c9 has more stronger problems than ingame features and they still be ignored


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              This is probably the best set of suggestions I've ever read since C9 opened.
              My question is: Where is the GM to say something about this?

              Because if Webzen needs more money for this game, they better make an effort to read and implement almost all of these suggestions.

              P.S: Sorry for reviving an old post, but I think, this one worths it.


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                This is indeed an amazing post. I agree with most (If not all) of what you've said


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                  LOL I just can't get over the fact that no one else noticed he had repeatedly mistaken Valiance for Violence.
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                    Originally posted by Rehaz View Post
                    LOL I just can't get over the fact that no one else noticed he had repeatedly mistaken Valiance for Violence.
                    How do you know that no one noticed that mistake? Moreover, I don't think looking for his spelling errors was more important than the issues AND solutions he pointed out earlier.

                    To err is human ~


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                      Originally posted by Rehaz View Post
                      LOL I just can't get over the fact that no one else noticed he had repeatedly mistaken Valiance for Violence.
                      And I can hardly get over the fact that you bumped almost a one-year-old thread just for that.