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Continent of the Ninth Seal [C9] Pets Statistics! (UPDATED)

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  • Continent of the Ninth Seal [C9] Pets Statistics! (UPDATED)

    Dear C9 Actionists!

    Here is the link that you can find out the statistics for the old pets and new pets that C9 released!

    Pet System

    What are pets?
    Pets are adorable and loyal creatures who were recently discovered by Glenheim archaeologists. They hatch out from eggs and they can be easily tamed by humans. Also, it seems that each of them has a special power, and it even evolves into a new form which is much more powerful!

    How to get a pet?
    Pets have been known to hatch from mysterious eggs which are extremely rare. Also, scholars couldn’t have found a way to distinguish which species will hatch from which eggs. You need to get “Mysterious Egg” item from Cash Shop to hatch a pet!
    1. Double Click the mysterious egg.
    2. Name the pet before you press the “Hatch” button. You can skip it if you just want the default name.
    3. Press “Hatch” button. Be careful that pets will be bound to character when hatched.
    4. You’ll get a special pet, but you won’t be able to know what it’ll be before it hatches!
    5. You’ll get a Pet Stone when your pet hatches from the egg. Use the stone to summon pets.
    6. The pets will disappear when you destroy the stone.
    Pet Command
    Summon Summon! I choose you! Show yourself!
    Retrieve Retrieve! Get back here! Come back! Release!
    Teleport Follow me! Come here! Come on!
    Social Action Play! Show time! Dance! Show!
    Type your pet’s name to summon at the beginning or the end of the commands.
    e.g.) Summon Anubis! Anubis summon!
    You can type only summon command if you have already clicked pets to summon in the Pet Info Window.
    Pets cannot be summoned in Arena and dungeons during intruding a player.

    Old Pets Information:

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    Hello all new pets can do autoloot ?


    • Tsuchiryu
      Tsuchiryu commented
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      Once they evolve, yes.

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    this damage stats are bullsh_t. my draco hits per 500 hp so its not even bonus and where to look 100% of my AP? other stats for normal pets are trash. only cashers can buy 100 eggs to finally get unique pet that really gives something. typicall for them...
    There's some things you just can't change...


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      Looks like information is unavailable anymore. I knew this day would come.