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[C9] Official Release Patch Note – 1.522 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note – 1.522 version

    1. Viking Renewal
    2. New Palladium Added, New Palladium set, “5 of a Kind” has been added
    3. New collection set has been added
    4. Akene point reward has been increased on Hell/Extreme difficulty
    [Bug Fixes]
    1. Punisher combination edge skill has been fixed.
    2. Issue regarding items, Artesia's Blessed Bulwark [STR], Akene's Sacred Bulwark [STR], having unusually low damage has been fixed.
    1. Event schedule UI has been added
    2. Issue regarding game closing on arena setting has been fixed
    3. Issue regarding ranking tutorial quest being activated on lv.45 has been fixed.
    4. Issue regarding legend shield attack power being wrongly displayed has been fixed
    5. Requirement of Gold/Silver chunks for 2nd promotion has been reduced from 100 to 1.