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[C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.494 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.494 version

    1. Gunslinger has been renewed
    2. Dungeon Support system has been removed
    3. Christmas decoration in town area has been reverted
    4. All continents’ dungeon clear bonus gold has been adjusted
    5. Epic soul combination at Nitro Cube has been restored
    6. Survival rewards have been adjusted
    7. New Collection sets have been added
    [Bug Fixes]
    1. Issue with Armor Ore and Accessory Ore not being able to combine has been fixed
    2. Issue with dungeon boss not appearing when not eliminating certain monsters in certain area at Fragment of Kodes expert dungeon has been fixed
    3. Issue with Cancel button not being able to be pressed while using Nitro Cube has been fixed
    4. Issue with Tool tip of Taoist Skillbook has been fixed
      • Soul Burn Skillbook
      • Mana Missile Skillbook
    5. Issue with Invasion not being available for member of same guild has been fixed
    6. Issue with some of items that had not been able to be searched has been fixed
    7. Some of game crashing issues have been fixed
    1. Alert has been added when user inserts items that had been magically amplified item into Nitro Cube to combine / dismantle.
    2. Tool tip that showing “Upgradable” for limited duration item has been removed