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[C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.467 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.467 version

    1. Palladium System
    - Help description has been added.
    2. Town Update
    - Town decoration has been updated.
    3. Fishing New Season update.
    - New bait, fish and rewards added.
    - Baits are now stackable up to 9999.
    4. Akene’s Oracle Update
    - Available Akene Points has been increased in most of the dungeons (except for the Ancient Arena).
    5. Guild Shop Update
    - New potion items have been added to the Guild Level 4 Shop.
    6. Item description improvement
    - Information about PvP damage has been added.

    [Bug Fix]
    1. Missing text issue has been fixed.
    2. Issue with comboeing during equipping the Perfect skill book of Blademaster unable to exceed 600 has been fixed.
    3. Issue with the Shadow Dungeon rewards unable to obtain when Battle Maiden characters clear the dungeon with Perfect Skill Book has been fixed.
    4. Issue with the Pet Rename item from Akene Coin Shop not usable properly has been fixed.
    5. Issue with the fishing auspice items from Akene Shop unable to combine has been fixed.
    6. Issue with the Training item not usable right after entering stages has been fixed.
    7. Issue with the Witchblade Dainlord Gear set having the same item icon with Mystic’s set has been fixed.