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[Forum EVENT] Who Can Post Last?

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  • [Forum EVENT] Who Can Post Last?

    [Forum EVENT] Who Can Post Last?

    Greetings everyone,

    For actionists who are browsing through posts, I'm holding an easy and simple event which would give you a bit more fun! There are 3 rewards to choose from. Check out the details below:

    Mechanics :

    I [GM]XsenD will create an official event thread in the forums which can be a question or just a random post. Players can post any comments as often as possible before the event thread gets locked.

    The last 3 players to have posted in the event thread will win awesome rewards.

    Rules :
    1. All forum members can join.
    2. Ill-mannered post is prohibited.
    3. Consecutive comments is not allowed
    4. No repeating of comments
    5. Contents of the post must be at least 5 words and above
    6. All post must include their character names.
    Rewards :

    3 Winners may choose “One [1]” of the following rewards;

    Magic Primer x1000

    Chaos Stone x1000

    Skill Reset Scroll x1

    Note: Event will end on Monday around 7:00 server time

    "Start posting now"
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    Not going to participate in this event but I just want open up discussion on future game updates and improvements that WEBZEN needs to focus on.

    While brining new contents in between is crucial to keep the game alive and up to date, I believe that devs should expedite reworking/rebalancing old classes because, in my opinion, it's one of the major reasons that hinder population growth even though we have witnessed frequent updates that we have been receiving in the last few months. I know that the upcoming update has something to do with mitigation P2W element dilemma in C9, in which exclusive cash shop items have become something that F2P players cannot acquire in order to progress in the game. You can't simply force players who spend money to buy e.g. Magic Primer and sell it to those who don't have easy access to the cash shop. I, as a cash shop investor, do not support such scheme that enforces those who have access to the cash shop to aid in in-game prices inflation. There should be some sort of control on the part of WEBZEN to prevent such thing from happening.

    F2P players and P2PF (pay to progress faster) players are dependent on each other. With the absence of both type of C9 customers, the game won't survive longer. Otherwise, WEBZEN should have clearly stated that C9 requires 'mandatory' money investment in order to advance in the game and enjoy its contents. Of course, it would be stupid for WEBEN to declare it even though it's hidden in their agenda. But it's important for those who are in dev and admin teams to know that C9 is not a product meant to be used for easy money grabbing until customers lose interest in it, and eventually it's development gets ceased. C9 has a lot of dedicated fans that really want the game to prosper and succeed even with release of other competing games in the gaming market.

    And lastly, make C9 great again ~

    Edit: I have to mention my character name so that my comment doesn't get deleted and to help the thread continue from this point.

    Server: Akene
    Character name: Luphie
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      Hello. Omg i want change stats on my stupid BELT. I NEED THIS CHAOS STONESSS..
      P.s Revy odpisz na fejsie LOOL
      Server: Rakhdan EU
      Char name : ♔SzalonyMlotek♔


      • (GM)XsenD
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        Editing a comment
        Congratulations! Your reward will be sent momentarily. Thank you for the continuous support on our game. Stay tuned for more events here on our forums

        PLAY to your HEARTS content
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      • (GM)XsenD
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        Update; Kindly double check the Character Name you have provided, you can also send us a ticket including your character name. Thank you

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      Can't say no when I see some free primers:3

      Server: Rakhdan (EU)
      Character: Gexy



      • (GM)XsenD
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        Congratulations! Please wait for your rewards to be sent momentarily. Thank you for the continuous support on our game. Please stay tuned for more events here on forums

        PLAY to your HEARTS content

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      Well, any item would help me, I have a lot of things here to change in the game

      Server : Akene (US)
      Character: U96DasBoot


      • (GM)XsenD
        (GM)XsenD commented
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        Congratulations! Kindly send a ticket including the reward you want to obtain and your character name and server so that we can verify it. Pls stay tuned for more events here on forums.

        PLAY to your HEARTS content