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[C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.421 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.421 version

    1. Magic Amplification System update
    - Also, some of the Ores for the material has been updated. You can get those Ores when refining the corresponding equipment in Nitro Cube.
    2. Cherry Blossom Decoration removal
    3. Maximum Awakening Level Increase
    - Lv. 400 → Lv.500
    4. Minor Rebalance
    Crouch status has been added to the Battle Maiden’s skill Rolling Smash while charging additional attacks.
    5. XignCode Security Update
    6. Event update
    - Dimensional Fissure
    7. Event end
    - Enhancing Chance Boost event
    - EXP Boost event
    - Rabbit Box event
    8. Sales Update
    - Diamond Chest R4
    9. Sales end
    - Battle Maiden Skill Book sales
    - Enhancement Package sales
    - Gold Coffer x100 bundle sales
    - Platinum Chest x100 bundle sales

    [Bug Fix]
    1. Issue with some of the Reaperess’ skill book having the wrong author name has been fixed.
    2. Issue with the Earrings item “Casillas’s Wrath” losing the effects when entering dungeons while equipping the item has been fixed.