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[C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.414 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.414 version


    1. Battle Maiden Rework
    - Check out the details HERE

    2. Cherry Blossom Decoration Update

    3. Gold Possession Limit Expansion
    - Private Trade: 10 billion
    - Inventory: 10 billion
    - Warehouse: 1000 trillion
    - Trading Office: 5 billion

    4. Extreme Invitation items are now available to buy with golds from Magic Merchant in Ensilrot.

    5. Minor Rebalance
    - Force effect of the Shadow’s skill “Violent Shadow” will be weakened by 50% in PvP.
    - Move distance of the Shadow’s skill “Shadow Dash” will not be affected by Shadow Illusion.

    6. Event update
    - Battle Maiden Level Up event
    - Enhancing Chance 20% Boost event

    7. Event end
    - Guild Wing event
    - Daily Quest event

    8. Sales Update
    - Battle Maiden Skill Book
    - Sacred Enhance Material [2 plus] & Lucky Stone V3
    - Gold Coffer x100 bundle

    9. Sales end
    - Enhancing Weapon Chest
    - Item Discount

    [Bug Fix]

    1. Issue with Shine Elementalist’s skill book “Soul Chaser” having effect-change option in Common/Magic-graded items has been fixed.
    2. Issue with Gunslinger’s skill “Air Stinger” missing projectiles when comboing with another skill has been fixed.
    3. Client crash issue when combining pets has been fixed.
    4. Issue with the missing system messages on Enhancement Level Extraction System has been fixed.
    5. Enhancement Level Extraction System window will disappear when moving a character or pressing the ESC button.
    6. Issue with Enhancement System pop-up having the wrong font color or a wrongly activated button when the function is undoable has been fixed.
    7. Issue with the Taoist’s skill “Spirit Charge” not having a proper minimum/maximum damage in the skill description has been fixed.
    8. Issue with Erta passing through the wall when using the skill “Link” with leaning against the wall has been fixed.
    9. Issue with the level 65 Perfect Weapon from Enhanced Weapon Box unusable to craft Ultimate Rare weapons has been fixed.
    10. Issue with the item “Warrior’s Faded Medal” item not searchable in Trading Office has been fixed.