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[C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.409 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.409 version

    1. Success chance of Master Weapon Craft has been increased.
    2. Drop chance of Ultimate Rare materials has been increased.
    3. Maximum Resurrection count in Chaos Spire has been increased to 5.
    4. [STR/WIS] option now appears on Chaos Spire accessory items.
    5. Dimensional Bosses in the 6th Continent now drop Chaos Spire invitation tickets.
    6. Soul: Thundering Sound is now obtainable with Event Manager using Stone of Destruction and Stone of Striker.
    7. Enhancement Extraction System update
    8. Berserker skill adjustment
    - Cancel Bloodlust skill has been removed.
    - Bloodlust skill effect adjustment
    9. Minor Shadow adjustment
    - 4th Continent skill book effect has been modified slightly.

    10. Even update
    - Guild Wing Event
    - Daily Event Quest
    11. Event end
    - Valentine's Day event
    - PvP Event
    12. Sales Update
    - Enhancement Extraction Scroll
    - Enhanced Weapon Chest
    13. Sales end
    - Platinum Chest x100 bundle
    - Giant Trade Union Colossus Trade License
    - Permanent Wing Package

    [Bug Fix]
    1. Issue with the grab attack won’t damage when the enemy is stunned has been fixed.
    2. Issue with the summoned monster attacks the summoner in the intruded dungeon when the targeted player quits the dungeon and goes back to the town has been fixed.
    3. Issue with the Blademaster class unable to combo skills when equipping “Balancing on the Edge, by Oakley Barot: Assault Smash” and “Balancing on the Edge, by Yeet Medes: Counter Smash” has been fixed.
    4. Issue with the some of the Adventure Book titles not working properly has been fixed.
    5. Graphic issue when using Shadow Mode skill has been fixed.
    6. Missing Bleeding-effect duration in Shadow skill description has been added.
    7. Issue with graphic effect of Shadow Illusion skill not appearing occasionally has been fixed.
    8. More detailed description has been added to the skills “Shadow Mode”, "Inversion" and “Shadow Illusion.”
    9. Issue with the low leveled character able to obtain EXP from high level dungeons has been fixed.
    10. Issue with the wrong hit description in the skill book “How to Travel Incognito, by Pillus Garon: Deceptive Cutter” has been fixed.
    11. Issue with the client crashes when clicking “G-soul” button in the inventory has been fixed.
    12. Issue with the Nightstalker class unable to put on the head gear item “Headset” has been fixed.