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[C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.393 version

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  • [C9] Official Release Patch Note - 1.393 version

    1. Chaos Spire Update
    - Extreme dungeon in the 6th Continent
    - The icon of invitation item is currently same as Hell Ticket: Oberon’s Heaven. We will fix the color of the icon to prevent any confusion later. Please let there be no misunderstanding.
    - Applied skill of Nightstalker’s 6th continent Skill Book “Chain Turning Kick” will change to “Cross Destination”
    2. Daily Work Quest update
    3. Cash Shop Tab Improvement
    4. Holiday Town Decoration Added
    5. Even update
    - Hell & Extreme Event
    - Rewards renewed for New/Returning players
    - Enhancement Success Chance Boost
    6. Event end
    - 4-week Blessing in Raebin event
    - Play C9 with us
    7. Sales Update
    - Happy Winter Gear Sales
    - Extra Skill Book Slot
    - Holiday Skill Book Chest
    8. Sales end
    - Gold Coffer R6 x100 bundle
    - Lucky Stone R1

    [Bug Fix]
    1. Issue with the item “Blood Stone” is missing in the Trading Office has been fixed.
    2. Issue with Warden able to duplicate Mana Shied has been fixed.
    3. Issue with Warden not getting proper damage when using Mana Shield while Nimyuae is summoned has been fixed.
    3. Issue with players able to summon 2 or more pets in the stage has been fixed.
    4. Issue with the Taoist’s skill “Mana Blast” missing the damage and the amount of the hit in the skill description has been fixed.