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[Unofficial] Discord Server Age of Wulin

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    You kicked me 3 times and then banned, cause my avatar didn't suit your eyes. I personally think vaginas with muppeteyes are nothing bad, especially the first thing i mentioned isn't. Dont be an admin there if you cant keep ingame stuff out of discord.


    • Tinhau
      Tinhau commented
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      "The best defense is a good offense", right Saggeey? Tell me how the fact I'm a bad or good guild leader is connected to inappropriate avatar topic? Or you just don't have any arguments for your defence so you are trying to claim that I'm also, like Kyota, against you with some private stuff? I'm on Discord every day but I'm not always talking. Your avatar was disgusting and was representing the lowest sense of humor but I didn't pm you or admin because I was simply too busy for that.

    • Saggeey
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      I don't think you should be a female if you think vaginas are disgusting. Just seasoning my food, no biggies.

    • AELani
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      What a disgusting troll. I think people like him should be banned from existence, not only from voice chats.
      Or sent to imageboards reservation, where they belong.

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    Better use this wulin Discord server, no one will be banned from amateurish people like Shihirosama/Kyôta there.


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      269+5/274 players in the Discordserver o/ many new people like i can see o/

      keep it up guys o/

      join us o/




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          This Discord server is run by a petty child who mutes people for the dumbest reasons and bans anyone who calls him out on it. So basically it's a perfect fit for Webzen. Thumbs up. Keep destroying your own game and community, you're doing a stellar job.


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            So who made a booboo and then got salty when he got the stick again?!


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              "Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man's nose begins"
              Go check that quote and learn how to communicate in public forums. Discord is not your guild/friends ts, there are some rules everyone should respect.
              You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.


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                Originally posted by Tinhau View Post
                "Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man's nose begins"
                Go check that quote and learn how to communicate in public forums. Discord is not your guild/friends ts, there are some rules everyone should respect.

                Yes Tinhau, everyone should respect each other.

                Btw: I'm muted because i repost Renji's Screen and said i like his Group.

                Would Kyoata aka Madara Mute people who Insult etc etc etc NP. But he Mute and Bann People without any good Reasons imo.

                Also, i think someone who is NOT neutral. Someone who is unforgiving because you killed him once in a PK Game. Shouldn't be Admin there. In my Opinion, MOD's or CM's should do the Admin but not a Player who bann or Mute for nonsense Reason.



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                  Sometimes people just need to man up or be more of a lady, and admit that in the moment of folly, anger, or any else indiscretion, you tried to start some drama on Discord instead of keeping it to the well-loved and abused Scene / World chat

                  Discord is not scene chat omg so hard to understand??

                  Maybe Webzen CM won't punish you if you are the one who start to provoke in Wulin game, but on Discord, it's Kyota's decision.
                  3) Keep your Drama in PM or somewhere else, but not here!
                  Oh nooo I should stay in herbal, later come and kill me and post me get killed on somewhere My reputation will be ruined Oh nu what do I do What if people say I am herbal warrior How to live my life from now on

                  haha ^_^"


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                    Kyotas only claim to authority is being the first person to create the Discord. Now he bans people because they dare suggest that maybe he isn't the best choice of server admin. He's is actively harming the community and creating dissent and when asked about it he replies in childish ways and tells people if they don't like it they can leave (unless he bans you before that is). At this point there is simply no good forum for community interaction. If you say anything even remotely hostile in-game you get slapped with a ban, these official forums are heavily censored by Webzen and the Discord is being run into the ground. Just because Wulin is a broken mess of a game doesn't mean we have to emulate it as a community.


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                      Should probably ban people here aswell for saying bad stuff


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                        Well, administrating a discord is the biggest responsability that Kyôta ever had.
                        I won't talk about his mouth, cause it's kinda full there.
                        Keep doing the little angel to daddy Hirgy, he'll maybe give you some candies bro


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                          Hello....iam Gujo
                          I have problem i Tried to join Ladder today buy i got DC and now i can't login my account Please need help


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                            Hirgtiol is here ?
                            i want report about stole accunt


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                              aight so im new here xD and i dont really understand how to join the chat since its all blanked out i understand that i should be invited to the server by a mod, etc but i cant even pm them xD sorry for the trouble T.T im new here btw downloading the game now O.o

                              I got helped sorry for unneeded post xd
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                              • (MOD)Rakai
                                (MOD)Rakai commented
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                                You have to click this link
                                Then when you're on the discord server you have to be verified, which any of the discord moderators can do, or the Spectra Bot. The bot sends you instructions of what to do. If that doesn't work you PM the mods there to verfiy you manually