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  • KoronoS's Guide to Merc

    Hello everyone since i think beginners have a hard time figuring the ins and outs of classes i want to post a little guide to our beloved class the mercenary.
    in this guide i will talk about the state of the merc compared to otehr classes in his role and what he actually does. We will talk about gear, options and more. This guide is aimed for beginners and people who just started out playing the merc, so bare with me if i get into detail of basic mechanics .

    Table of Contents
    1.Terms and contraction
    2. What is a merc
    3. Stats and relevence
    4.Gear and Gear Options
    4.1 Weapons
    4.2 Armor
    4.3 Decorations
    4.4 Accessories
    4.5 Gem Sockets
    4.6 Belt Slots
    4.7 Armor enchant priority
    5. Roles
    6. Skills
    7. Place in Meta and Discussion

    1. Terms and contractions
    During this guide i will use terms to shorten the writen text you may or may not know or understand. So here is a quick overview:

    Oftank: A Role. the class is able to fit into the role of Tank and/or DD. its either based of used skills or used gear.
    AOE: Area of effekt. Refers to skill that doesnt target a character but rather an area and every charakter in this area is effekted by it.
    DD: contration for Damage Dealer. A Role in an MMO.
    CD : Cooldown

    2. What is a merc

    The Merc is a Oftank class that has powerfull skills to fit any requiremnt he needs. Strong AOEs damage skills, great toughness and some ranged options make him very veratile for a class that shouldt be a melee DD. Because of his natural accuracy he never misses target and has powerfull Combat buffs to compansate his low quantaty of damage skills. But hey less skills mean simpler skill rotation .

    3.Stats and relevance
    Not all stats are equaly important for the merc. Here is a litle list of stats that are importatn for the merc.

    crit. Dmg

    4. Gear and Gear Options

    In this part we will discuss the gear of a merc and his options.

    4.1 Weapons

    The Standard weapon aof a merc. Pure p.atk. line up with STR Boost pushes your p.atk to the max. and p.atk is all you need. So kinda a no brainer. pick this wepon on its own and you will be happy for your PVE needs .

    a ranged option for PVP usage against melee enemies. By slowing your enemies you can easily kite them to death with this weapon. You also have some ranged skills to weave into your kiting.

    Mace and Shield
    Defece Option to access shield mechanics and some warrior skills to stun enemies or increase dmg reduction. It is a usefull for some situation wher you can either stun chain your enemies or clutch Buff youself aginst a hard damage skill like microraptor laser. This option can be skipped its just here for flavour and i had quite some fun with it but dont use his as a main weapon! Pick up a crusader if you want to use it.

    4.2 Armor
    Rapplez is not a game with a lot of gear variaty. Just pick the Armor for your level and you are good to go. What we need to talk about is Armor Skill bossts of gouverneur and flummi gear.

    A list of Relevant skills sorted by tier(skills that are not listed are irrelevant):
    Name Rank Description
    Unity of Faith S Best Skill to have on Armor. Boost p.atk, STR, VIT and reduces Agro. Perfekt for DD Role playstile and solo runners. Most effectiv dmg gain of all armor skills.
    Divine Crash Training A Nice Option if you cant get Unity of Faith each additional lvl boost dmg of this multiplicator by 4 % which is nothing compared to Faith of Unity
    Wild Stream B Good Option if you want to increase aoe dps
    Double strike B Same as wild stream. I realy like this skill.
    Judgment Buster C very situational. Good if paired with a bow. PVP Burst potatial increase.
    Everything else D -
    4.3 Decoration
    Pretty Standard. Get everything that increaese your main stats from "3.". Examples: Cristmas deko-set, Valentines deko-cape, deko-set gladiator(etc), Lumi-wings p.atk, chrismas cape....
    Deko items are a huge boost to crit dmg and p.atk and shuldnt be taken lightly. it can make huge diffrence in DpS.

    4.4 Accessories
    For Accessories go for the best circus or yushi earings and neclase you can get. Wear matching set based on what you are fighting agianst. make sure the enchantment is maxed out on crit dmg because you can role rediculess amounts on accessories. For rings you have to option:
    1. tank: get any MAster Vita rings with max crit dmg. This maxes out your HP.
    2. DD: Island Rings with crit dmg STR and cast speed. maximizes the dps you will deal.
    For a Belt you take any bear-leather belt with active skill of deva +1 or a yushi belt. Get as many Belt Slots as possible.

    4.5 Gem Sockets
    Maximize Crit DMG. Rest fill up with VIT or STR. VIT if you want be tanky. STR if you want to deal more dmg. balance these two to your liking.

    4.6 Belt Slots
    Boost main Stats and make sure you dont exceed your Belt limit. Below +20 is 30% boost per stat. Refer to official post of belt changes.
    3x Cerberus
    2x Cubes
    1x mephisto-Card
    1x P-Hektor-Card
    1x Flavour (lillis -> DD, Soul-> Tank, etc)

    4.7 Armor enchant priority

    You can encahnt your armor after it was upgraded to +20 or higher. Refer to original Post for more information. Here is a list of armor enchants and theire priority

    1.Helmet (skill lvl up, cd reduction)
    2. belt (incereases boost limit and efectivity of Boss-Cards)
    3.gloves (cast speed reduction, double atk chance)
    4.Boots (effect of cc skill reduced, pet boost)
    5.Armor (MaxHP and MaxMP +)

    1.increasing your skill level is always good.
    2.straight up stat boost up to 40% on boss cards and increases stat boost limit up to 40% (more p.atk and STR and VIT and p.def ~15%)
    3. Because merc is realy skill relaint and some skills have cast time, reducing your cast speed increases your dps.
    4. Very important for tank role. reduction of cc increases DPs in Solo or as Tank and helps you to ceep the agro on you.
    5. Well not that importatn but its free HP

    5. Roles
    As already mentioned the merc can be tank and/or DD. What role you take is dependend of 2 skills.

    Unity of faith : Reduces agro Boosts p.atk,STR and VIT
    Defencive Stance: Greatly increses MAX HP, greatly increses Aggro gain, reduces p.atk.

    Depending on what you toggle you become one of those roles. If you want to go Tank you shouldt also socket alot of VIT. If you want to go DD the nyou shouldt socket more STR.

    Some skills are realy helpfull to be in teh tank role. Thes combat buffs increase your capability of tanking:

    Insignia (increases max HP on getting hit ; chance)
    bestial armor (increases p.def on getting hit; chance)
    Ultimate Conviction (beeing hit below halg health give you a chance of earning a stack, each stack decreases incoming dmg by 10% max stacks 3)

    With these buffs you can easily increase you max HP above 500k and your p.def over 30k. Combine it with the dmg reduction of ultimate conviction and jushi deko set and your dmg reduction should be realy high (Ultimation up to 30% yuhsi earringsx2 30% against a type, yushi belt 20% and yushi set bonus 10%). There are buffs that even further increase dmg reduction. Just keep in mind they are not added together and then applied. but they are calculated in blocks. So if you stack up a total 100% dmg recustion you do not become immune to dmg.

    6. Skills
    The skill line up is realy narrow, because most of his master skills are either passiv or combat buffs. So there are not a lot of skill to talk about.

    Here is a list of the most important skill:

    wild stream
    double strikes

    Divine flash
    Judgment of the Goddess
    Judgment Buster

    divine crash

    Defencse Breaker
    Offense Breaker
    Mental Breaker

    Enabler allow you to combo your skills into a passive buff (restrain slows enemies by 92 % , which allows you to kite melee chars in PVP and increases your dmg dealt by 33% becuase of touch of light)

    Ranged skills allow you to engage into a fight with a advantage (Divine flash, blind enemy; judgement of the goddess aplies a debuff; Judgment buster deal dmg and can stun an enemy)

    AOE Skills are your main dmg source. Both of them apllie a DOT.

    Debuffs reduce stats of your enemies. These are also AOE so you can debuff a hole mob Group. Metal Break even refreshes your MP.

    Standard Combos:
    Open up with your ranged skills to get an advantage. Then jump in divine crash, closing the gab and stunnning your enemy. Put Restrain on him to make sure he doesnt run away. the debuff him. Atleast a Defence Break. Save your breath with mental break aslong you dont need the mana or you have mages in your party. Offense break only works on target that deal physical dmg. Now you can either start kiting or put dots on him with your aoe skills. (In PVP now you shouldt run away because he cant keep up to you making sure you do not die and the dots that you applied will kill him eventually).

    Reapply skills when cd is up.

    7. Place in Meta and Discussion
    The Merc is not the strongest class. Hes not even at his strongest right now! (Man -0.5s cd on wild stream was stupid) But he is a nice alrounder for someone who plays in a small group or solo. His skill line up is fun and has huge potential and can easily reach a point of beeing busted. When in PVP defence stance can outank alot of bad timed cc combos and once you get your combo started any squishy dies.
    He fits his role and is in IMO balanced in the overall look. I wouldt appriciate it if it wouldt be more attractive to go the tank route with him, becuase in the current meta merc is not often seen as a tank because of the templar. Also because of the Lich he is not best in Slot for AOE DD. He is in the spot of "Jack of all Trades Master of None" and i wouldt realy like to see that there is some kind of twist in his core mechanics. Since the cd changes to Wild stream and divine flash i ave much less to do during combat and some times the skills run into cdr look for a little bit. Adding 1-2 more aktive skills that do something good will do a lot for the merc. Maybe a aoe slow ? i know thats a huge thing to ask because of the dmg buff on slow but id like to see that. Another Aoe wouldt be appriciated to doesnt need to be something spamable like wild stream 5s cd wouldt be good to fill the gap between cds.


    The Merc couldt have a stack machanic implemented that every skill adds (or has a chance to add) a judgment stack. Specific skill consume the judment stacks (like Divine flash, Judgment of the Goddess, Judgment Buster, divine crash) which increases the effectivness of the seondary effects (durations or strenght).

    Divine Flash: increases blind duration
    Judgment of the Goddess: increases potancy of the dot
    Judgment Blaster: increases the chance of a succesfull stun

    With that a crusader wouldt have a option chart on what he will do next and has to look at the debuff list on his enemies, instead of just looking on cds and pressing the right button as soon the skill is up. Also it wouldt lift some skill that were nerfted into oblivion to "situational good" . Teh duration of the blind is for PVE way to short to have any effekt and the fact that you haveto build up stacks doesnt reach levels of busted like before. The Merc is about versatility and picking the best option in the right moment and this mechanic wouldt further deepen this idea.